Hi everyone,

So I have been meaning to set this up since I arrived in South Africa six weeks ago but in true ‘African’ time it is running a little late….. I would love to say that this is due to all of the work that I have been doing/hours in the library undertaking ground breaking research. But I think it is distinctly more likely that it is due to the fact that a) Cape Town is awesome and cries out to be explored and/or b) I am a little bit rubbish.

Anyway, so better late than never here is my blog which I will be using to document my experience as I attempt to undertake the fieldwork for my PhD (more on what that actually is next post). I’ll also use it to share some more general thoughts about my experience here in this amazing country. It is a big year here in South Africa with an ongoing labour relations crisis/dispute, not to mention upcoming elections, so I will keep you updated about what is going on (and what people, who know a lot more about it than I do, are saying about it).

There may also be some ranting. I will try and keep it to a minimum but I can’t promise. So I am apologising now. Sorry.

Right, so having said all that my first post is solely going to be about the mother city, Cape Town. Without a doubt one of the most spectacular cities in the world it is easy to see why so many people fall in love with this place. Here a few snaps of my first few weeks! I promise the next post will be (slightly) more high brow…..

My little home 🙂

My car – I miss power steering……..

Not a bad spot for a university (apologies for wonky photo)

The view after a little morning walk

View from the starting point of said walk.

Happy feet!


About raqueld83

A social policy PhD student with a passion for young people and all things (South) African. Currently embarking on a year of fieldwork in this amazing country - read on for updates on my (mis)adventures.
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